Network SouthEast

Network SouthEast Class 442


- Custom decals and autonumbering

- Newly modelled front end covers, and hoses/pipes

- Newly modelled driver, scripted to automatically appear in the cab the player is using

- Many customisations via the unit number, including logos, front hose covers, early destinations and more

- Improved tail/marker light textures

- New saloon and cab lights with a much improved look and now without FPS drops

- New headlight lighting effects

- Destination displays as fitted during the early days of the units

- Newly modelled and scripted interlock lights

- Removed DOO so the unit is now guard operated only as per reality. Cab DOO equipment has also been covered as well as the TrainFX equipment

- All nameplates present automatically assigned per unit number. Different variants controllable by unit number

- Covered windows on the motor coach to make it appear closer to the buffet coach before they were converted

- New details such as egress handles and toilet window textures

- Huge amount of remodelling of parts to circumvent model restrictions


DTG Class 442 & AP Class 442 Sound Pack (Discontinued)